Hidden wheat in foods and products you thought were Gluten-free

More and more people are finding they are gluten-intolerant. They are either diagnosed as coeliac disease or realised that they fit into the category of non-coeliac gluten-intolerance.

In our attempts to be gluten-free we take all the bread, pasta and wheat flour out of our diet. But what about hidden wheat in foods and other products like skin care and make-up?

Here’s a list of products you thought were gluten-free but aren’t always

  • Mascara
  • Eye-shadow
  • Lipstick, especially long-lasting brands
  • Cheese- wheat is used to bulk out supermarket cheese and make it cheaper to produce. Check for ones that say gluten-free on the label
  • Other dairy products may have thickening agents made from grains, so check out cream etc and choose unthickened cream. Check yogurt for thickeners too
  • Soy sauce – and other fermented soy products. Again look for gluten-free brands
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Body creams


Is a product gluten-free or not?

Well, if it is it should say on the label. However you can check by looking for the following ingredients which are different ways of saying wheat



Wheat germ

Triticum aestivum (another name for wheat)

Triticum vulgare

Hydrolyzed wheat protein

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Avena sativa (oats found commonly in lotions)


Is it necessary to use gluten-free products on your skin?

Most gluten reactions are caused by eating and ingesting gluten, so if you might swallow the product such as lipstick or lip gloss, then it’s a good idea to go gluten-free. However, some people get itchy eyes with make-up – in that case you could try a gluten-free mascara and eye make-up. Also if you have an itchy scalp try a gluten-free shampoo and other hair products to see if it improves. Getting more Omega 3 can also settle down many skin conditions as it is anti-inflammatory.

There are many food products which surprisingly contain gluten. In our courses, we give you a comprehensive list of most of the many products containing hidden wheat.